2016 / 2017


  1. SBC should become member of EBC with observer status. Cooperation with EBC will continue to develop through a delegated contact person. The cooperation will be based on joint activities (National Brain Plan, Value of Treatment, initiative for establishing new Joint Programming consortia in Horizon 2020).
  2. Finalizing the setting up and maintaining the SBC website.
  3. Action plan to mobilize the membership (addressing each major society and institution). Presenting evidence and success stories from EBC, defining membership mutual contribution to SBC activities.
  4. Organizing a major meeting adjacent to the main assembly in order to discuss relevant topics. – this will be planned for the 7th Serbian Neuroscience Congress (Nov 2017).
  5. After obtaining some guidance from EBC we will start designing a national “Value of treatment” project for assessing national overall costs of brain disorders as well as disease specific costs. A feasibility study will be first performed and feedback sought from EBC.
  6. The continuing activity will be pursued towards policy involvement through seeking meetings with national policy makers (ministries for science and health).
  7. Working with our EBC Ambassador to approach the Minister for Health in order to establish the role of SBC in the formation of the European report in the field of brain diseases and conditions as well as in the formation of the Serbian Brain Plan.
  8. Organizing lectures in schools and universities on Neuroscience advocacy. This will be operated through close contact with the Serbian Center for Promotion of Science.
  9. Organizing events related to the annual Brain Awareness Week (March 13-19, 2017).
  10. Increasing public awareness by means of media involvement. We will approach the Educational TV and Science TV in Serbia, but also other TV and radio stations, particularly on occasions of some major meetings and events.